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What We Do

Services we can help you with


Mobile App Development

Have an app idea in mind? It is still an idea until it is developed. This is why we're here. To help you develop the product and expand it.


Learning Management System

A company grows as the employees grow. Need a private digital platform for employees? Whether it is self-hosted or maintained by us, it's your choice and you can choose us to help you develop your company.


Business Digitization

Do you feel like you want a better flow and transparency within your company? Is your company too reliant on paper or spreadsheets? We can help modernize your company and streamline your operations.


Augmented Reality

Want to see a whale on your camera lens? A realtime direction using your phone camera? Here you go.


Remote Development Team

Need a product to maintain but you are shorthanded? Need a product to be made but it is more dynamic than most? Talk to us about a remote development team and see how we can help you achieve those goals.


and many more...

Did you think of something that are not on the list? Talk to us about it, and we'll make it happen.

About Us

We help, code & develop.

We are an Indonesia-based software development company that will work together to develop digital solutions that are suitable to your business needs.

We create applications for businesses and organizations of various sizes. Not only that, but we are also actively involved in helping formulate a business digitization strategy for our clients.

Tree Clouds has partnered with clients both from Indonesia and overseas, such as Singapore, Australia, Thailand, and others.

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Our Clients

We've built solutions for...

Whether it's corporate, NGOs, domestic and international clients, we have and will continue to build solutions for a vast array of clients. Here are a few of our recent clients.

Mandiri Permata BFI Finance Bank Indonesia GSI Lab UNICEF allianz kpei giz railtown welsyn lumina dental

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